Our Story

What influences El Ta’koy?

Chef Luis Pous’ inspiration & influence for El Ta’koy started when he was opening a restaurant on the small island of Kauai in Hawaii. After visiting local restaurants, farms, farmers markets and food truck events around the island, Chef Luis found out that the food wasn’t only influenced by the Polynesian culture, it was influenced by Caribbean, North Latin & South American, European and East Asian cultures too.

Just one example of this cultural evolution, that arose from around 1850, would be the New England whalers, who introduced the culture of eating salted fish, which later evolved in to Hawaii’s lomilomi salmon. From 1850 through to the 1930’s, immigration brought cuisines from China, Korea, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Portugal.

El Ta’koy is an exciting, chic, Hawaiian-inspired Street Food and Tiki Bar.